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Nice read Wes. Thank you. I can't help but compare the emotional maturity of our current President vs the previous one. Both had losses, but came out of it totally different. I seem to have both PTSD and PTG. Thanks for that distinction. The PTSD is a startle response to loud noises, like gun fire, large barking dogs, helicopters like those used in Vietnam, etc. I lived in a combat zone for a year that later became known as rocket city. Many, many nights in the bunker. To the point where I no longer cared. The key difference is that the startle response is instant, and there is no way of growing out of it. The loss of a loved one, someone we cannot imagine living without, is different, at least for me. There is a long period of grief followed by growth, but only if we are willing to move on, as has Joe. Resilience is also key. Very interesting distinction. I will think on that one for awhile! Thank you.

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